Hey everyone. I just want to thank all of you…the artists and filmmakers who jumped in and took part in this crazy-wonderful experiment we called Tune Society.

I’m super sad however to have to tell you we are shutting down.

Boo! A moment of silence please. 😢

In all seriousness, we started just over ten years ago with the dream of connecting musical artists all over the world with filmmakers and storytellers from all over the world.

Back when Tune Society started, the MusicBeds and ArtLists of the world didn’t exist yet. (I know…some of you still wish they didn’t exist. Some of you are super glad they do. I get it. It’s a tough position we all find ourselves in.) But they zoomed past us at lightning speed and never looked back. Now it seems music sites are popping up all over the web. And the pricing models people are choosing continues to stun me.

One-time-fee music licensing for a lifetime? Gimme a break. But…it’s happening.

I never felt comfortable jumping into the subscription based model because I felt that the people who lose out the most end up being the artists. And I couldn’t figure out how to resolve that. Clearly it’s a numbers game. When you have the numbers, then a music licensing site can sustain that type of model. But Tune Society, for whatever reason, had a very hard time sustaining a consistent base.

We created Tune Society with a desire to promote wonderful music at a fair price point, with a fair split to the artist. We wanted to give people who might live in remote places an opportunity to be heard and possibly license their music in productions and films half a world away.

It happened.

I am pleased that some of the goals we set out to accomplish were realized. I know that, as a filmmaker myself, I greatly benefited from the wonderful scores made available on Tune Society.

But now Tune Society must come to an end. So, as of March 1st, 2020 we have officially closed the site.

Here’s to the dreams we dream. Here’s to the doing. The creating. The making. The trying.

I salute you all, and hope you never stop striving, and reaching for what excites you and lights you up.

We wish you the most success.

Much respect and love from all of us at Tune Society.